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The Russian Far East is a wild, chaste, and beautiful land at the edge of the Earth. A land rich in life and love, that is far from the bustle of city life and urban distraction. This is a separate world in the harshest and most honest area of the largest country on Earth.

A visit to the Russian Far East will exceed your expectations, and travelling here onсe You would like to come back here again and again.



Since 2003, we have been providing our tourists with comprehensive port, sea and land services for ships and passengers


12 regions of Russia from Vladivostok to Murmansk along the coasts of two oceans and seven seas.


According to official statistics, our company is a sales leader in its segment.


We are "Exporter of the year 2018", board member for Kamchatka Tourism Association, we participate in formation of laws.

Since the Great geographical discoveries of the North and East of Russia, this land has remained terra incognita, almost untouched by civilization. Open your heart to unforgettable experiences and feel like a pioneer with us!

is the “hottest” place on Earth, the land of fire-breathing volcanoes and mountains overgrown with amazing kind forests, in which there are no snakes or poisonous insects. This is the homeland of crystal clear rivers and lakes, bubbling thermal springs and geysers, the world of wild salmon and brown bear. This is a place where You can see and feel the breath of the Earth. Kamchatka is 10 times larger than Switzerland, but on 85 percent of the Peninsula there are no settlements and You will not meet people there except romantics like You are. A huge part of its territory is protected. Its’ crazy landscapes, unique natural objects, land and sea inhabitants attract many connoisseurs of untouched pristine wildlife. Kamchatka is the happiness, without getting to know which You will never learn yourself!

The Kuril Islands

are the eastern natural boundary between the Great Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, stretching from Kamchatka to Japan for more then a thousand kilometers. Almost all of the middle and northern Kurils are uninhabited, there are no roads - only the paths of our travelers! Each island is unique, amazing and unrepeatable with its mystery, abundance of colors and diversity of its inhabitants! Feeling like a pioneer in this Lost World, You will inevitably want to come back here at least once!

Commander Islands

are two mysterious protected islands, shrouded in gray fogs, lost in the North Pacific Ocean and inhabited by almost a million of different rare seabirds, adjacent to the rookeries of seals and sea lions. In the cozy and very unusual museum of the only national Aleutian village of Nikolskoye, You can dip into the history and traditions of this people and bow to the monument at the Discoverer's grave, after whom the severe immense Bering Sea was named. Two islands of eternal winds attract and beckon travelers who want to go beyond the usual rest and see the corners of the Real World untouched by civilization.


During the short northern summer, the nature of this harsh northern land is reviving incredibly quickly and violently, endowing its inhabitants and travelers with amazingly bright colors of the Chukchi tundra,  blue estuaries merging with the sky, and the hubbub of bird rookeries. Here, among the stunning objects of observation of our tourists, there is the largest population of polar bears in the world, and in the Arctic. On the protected Wrangel Island there are contemporaries of the mammoth, musk ox and lemmings. In numerous picturesque bays, giant whales frolic and pose in front of cameras, and curious Arctic foxes, foxes and gophers on wild beaches come close to tourists to tell them in their animal language how beautiful their world is! And hospitable inhabitants of this land -  Chukchi and Eskimos - will tell their guests about how beautiful is their land.

The Northern Sea Route

The land of loud frosty silence and the Sun, of aspiration for life and harmony amid the desolated space, the distance of twisted legends, visionary dreams, myths and truth, unknown and incredible world of northern harsh nature.

The obscureness, covered with centuries-old glaciers at the edge of the Earth disturbs the minds of curious adventurers, the remains of human dwellings and abandoned lighthouses attract with their mysteries! Wild shores resounding overendowed with the  clamour of northern seabirds and the astonishing animal kingdom of the Extreme North thrill with their astonishing beauty!

Plunge into this Story of life and it will become a part of You forever!