Northern Expeditions LLC is a Russian tour operator and marine agent with a beautiful operation history, which began in 2013 when the ancestor of our company, Travel Pacific LLC was founded.

By 2019 the company’s staff got vast and diverse experience for organization of  cruises in the Russian Far East and along the Northern Sea Route for foreign companies this way becoming an expert in tourism services for cruise companies, private yachts, providing them marine agency services and land arrangements services for the passengers of cruise vessels.

In order to expand our possibilities and geography of our business, we have reorganized Travel Pacific LLC into Northern Expeditions LLC.

The company's management is very much involved in the development of cruise travel policy at federal and regional levels, gets Russia’s national government support as well as the support of Kamchatka and Chukotka administrators. Northern Expeditions LLC is a member of the Russian Tourism Union and is a member of managing executive committee of Kamchatka Tourism Industry Association.

The foundation of our success is an excellent knowledge of territory, performance according to the legislation, successful cooperation with state nature reserves, state nature parks and other governmental institutions, understanding the requirements of our clients.

We are glad to share our knowledge and experience with our Partners and Clients acting professionally!




Alexander Svetachev was born and raised in Kamchatka. Growing up surrounded by wilderness made him a romantic and adventurous person. Long service in leading positions in law-enforcement agencies gave him excellent knowledge of legislation and great ability to cooperate with governmental and commercial enterprises. Alexander is not just a director, he is a adventurer and a person with a strong passion for developing cruise tourism in the Russian Far-East.


Guide/ Assistant of Expedition / Leader Lecturer

Born in Kamchatka, Julia has always felt a special love for the Russian Far East and has always strived to introduce this unforgettable region to different people, to show its’ unique places, as well as to share her knowledge about them. Whilst being a student she started working as a tour guide in the aviation and travel company. After graduating the University she continued her career as a guide and a manager working for one of the largest tour-operators of Kamchatka – Diligans-Kamchatka Ltd. Since 2007, together with the New Zealand company Heritage Expeditions, she has become a member of the team that started organizing expeditionary cruises on the Russian Far East. Thanks to her work on the ship, Julia explored both the Russian Far East and the Russian Arctic, and the Antarctic. Tourism for Julia is not a job, it’s her passion and a lifestyle that she is happy to share with You!


Operations / Assistant of Expedition Leader /Lecturer

Passionate trekker, skier and mountain-biker, Elena is fond of any type of adventures on land or at sea. With her Economics university background, she does not spend all the time in the office working on different travel programs and marketing of the company, but combines her office managerial duties with all possible adventures in the wilderness.  Guiding and interpreting, working with photographers and film crews on their projects, she possesses wide range of knowledge about history, nature and wildlife of Kamchatka and a bunch of interesting and hilarious stories from her expeditions that she is happy to share with You.



Living in a remote but wonderful region of the Russian Far East made her an inquisitive and adventurous person. From her youth Elena has been a keen traveller. All her life she combined  guiding with lecturing in the Universities of Kamchatka.

While working for a long time in national parks and reserves together with scientists Elena collected a thorough knowledge in volcanology, biology, ethnography and combined it with her passion to the people and nature of the North. This passion brought her into the expedition cruises, and since 2011 she has been guiding in  the Far East of Russia and Russian Arctic sharing her love and knowledge of these remote and vulnerable places with other people.


Operations / Interpreter

Yevgenia was born in Kyrgyzstan, in a mountainous, remote country.  Later, having moved to Kamchatka Peninsula, she graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at the Pedagogical University.  At the same time, during her student years, impersonating her desire to be closer to the wild, untouched nature, Yevgenia became captivated by equestrian tourism.  Later, starting work in a travel company and gaining experience as a manager and translator, Yevgenia continued to realize the desire to fill the guests of the peninsula and its local residents with incredible emotions that are born from the exciting view of the Far East.  At the same time, traveling independently to the unique places of the peninsula in her free time, Yevgenia additionally captures energy and knowledge, which she will gladly share with you!